Saturday, 19 October 2019

Moral Hegemony & The Rancid Middle

In a week in which I've seen prominent left wing activists demand I be banned from everything while also demanding I be raided by the police, I feel like the time is right to try and figure what made these people so rancid, so depraved and rotten. 

 Seen from a Traditionalist perspective modern society is warped because the ''Liberal'' centre and its morality is completely hegemonic. In the past when one centre of power became too overbearing there would be a counterweight in the form of the Christian church, now all we have is liberalism. Such was my reading of an interesting book called  Nemesis: The Jouvenelian vs. the Liberal Model of Human Orders. 

In times gone by today's politically incorrect dissidents would have had a competing centre of power to turn to, today there's nothing, today liberalism and it's media/political/economic ''Gayplex'' is the north, south, east and west of life in the modernity, and its morality, its narrative becomes an objective good, and its critics therefore become ''evil''. 

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