Monday, 30 December 2019

The Strange Death Of Libertarianism

It seems like everytime I come on the internet these days I'm dragged into debates with libertarian types, more broadly a faction of the right that despise the state and love capitalism and the market. It isn't a subject I'm very interested in and I don't pretend to know much about economics either.

At first the libertarian pitch seems reasonable enough, get the quasi totalitarian government out of our faces and stop it telling us what to think, do and say. We can all be left alone to live out some Randian bliss, just like those guys in Montana with those ranches, free men under the stars, individualism cut loose from the modern world. I get it

But what happens when we bring this thinking closer to home? lets say my home of the North East, during the 1980's. I never bothered asking these libertarians what they would do with the mines and the pits and the heavy industry which Thatcher closed down, I knew they'd agree with it. But then they also disagreed that the newly unemployed working class masses of the north should receive any benefits or government help at all.

 The options left to people in the north east would be, start your own business, which is difficult because nobody has any money to buy stuff, starve, or move to where there is work.

 In the move to work scenario we'd have seen a mass exodus from the north east scattering itself around the nation, essentially disintegrating an entire way of life and settled community because it wasn't profitable enough. Here, my father could have ended up working in Liverpool and my mother in Glasgow, thereby dissolving the family structure as well. The people of the north east, the Geordies, a distinct part of the British identity, would cease to exist.

 And this isn't the left we're talking about here, with their insane immigration policies, but fundamentally the view of man is the same, it's a model of man as economic unit before all else. And it's this vision that lies at the heart of the arguments raging in my internet circles.

 It may not be left wing, but it isn't exactly right wing or conservative either, the only thing being conserved here is the market, the people are just grist to the mill. This is a model of man as self interested individual, having removed the state from the equation people are expected to wander the free market wasteland foraging without actually having a settled community or even any deep bonds, roots or ties. Essentially it's similar to the life of a snake or some other reptile.

 But at least we're free from the leftist nutjobs in big government, aren't we?

It does make sense if you want to get away from the worst ravages of the left, the long march through institutions can only happen because those institutions exist in the first place, no institutions, no march. No march then no left wing hegemony across the civic landscape

But what about the long march through the boardrooms?

What happens when you've nailed your colours to the mast of capitalism and the free market and the biggest hitters ''Go Woke'' and begin endorsing the exact values you fled from in big government?

 You can gasp in horror as Teen Vogue magazine promotes filth to 13 year old girls but all you can do is hope they go broke for being woke, you can use social media to complain about it but you better not complain too loudly or they'll censor you and you can't complain about that either because they're a private company who can do anything they want.

 Individuals don't make for good street protesters but you can give it a go, until Burger King signal to Anti-Fa that they're happy to supply the milkshakes that will be throw over you.

On a deeper level though, what are the values of Clownworld and woke capital? essentially they're crafting the perfect consumer, liberated from all tradition, ethnic, religious and even sexuality, woke capital is crafting the perfect and most profitable unit of consumption and production ever conceived. Now the individual's identity will based almost entirely on what he, she or zher buys. Who needs community, family and nation when you have this stunning array of products and service jobs.

 If this all sounds familiar then it should, because it's the reptilian life I discussed at the beginning of this video.

 This is where a model of man based entirely on economics leads, it's fashionable these days to laugh at the left and how they agree with Goldman Sachs on everything, but is the libertarian any less of a useless idiot when he opposes government intervention to prevent a tech giant censoring him?

 And I mean, far be it for me to invoke horseshoe theory here, but with so many libertarians talking about the free market as a eugenics leveler rooting out the least productive members of society, does it really matter whether you're left to starve to death on the streets of Libertaria, or whether your failure to pack the widgets fast enough results in a bullet through the back of the head in a Marxist gulag?

 What sort of horror would the eugenics of Libertaria produce anyway? a person who didn't mind never ever having free time, or friends or the need to see sunshine or have a nice walk along the beach.

That'd be an interesting subject to explore in more depth another time, but what matters in current year Clownworld is that Mega-Corp has a social policy. The assumption that global finance was neutral or quietly conservative is a bit of a joke at this point so many people on the right, Nationalists and Traditionalists in particular, have began looking for ways to tame the beast, and the only viable power structure left, is the state.

 As Nationalism is beautiful in its simplicity, as long you hold a basic principle of putting the well-being of the people first you can slide all over the political map, ideas and concepts can be embraced or cast aside as long as ''is it good for us'' rule remains in tact.

 At a given time and place we may well view rampant free market economics as beneficial, another time we might need a big state to oppose more dangerous enemies, the tragedy of libertarians, in the end, is that they're selling a product we no longer want to buy.....

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