Tuesday, 21 January 2020

A System Of Lies

So I've been speaking, shouting, quite a lot recently about the ongoing sexual abuse crisis in England and I feel like I've calmed down enough to return to YouTube and just do a straightforward monologue style video, there's a video and a 2 and a half hour stream on my Bitchute channel. 

 Here though I wanted to focus on the mindset of the councilors and policemen who were involved in the cover-ups, I'm treading similar ground as I did in the Chernobyl video but it's worthy of trying to dig into why they behave like this. Brainwashed by political correctness? cowardly? thinking of their pensions and mortgages? all of that plays a roll but as the demand for more inquiries and firings gathers pace it's worth remembering that the problem is systemic.

 One of the lines that the police chiefs and politicians come out with after these stories break is that if word got around that Muslim men were raping and abusing young white girls, then what they call ''community cohesion'' would breakdown. In the case of Rotherham it was said that ''the town would erupt'' and there'd be riots and far right backlash. 

 As many people often point out though, nothing ever seems to happen.

But something has been revealed there, why did they suppose that there would be a backlash? why think that people would take to the streets? The implication is that man is inherently tribal, and whats more is the officialdom is aware of it.

 The questions continue, why was one group predating on the young females of another group?

 Again, what's being revealed is that man is tribal and he perceives ''The Other'' with little to zero empathy.

 For most of human history this was just accepted and thought of as common knowledge. But modern Britain is built on something else. In modernity we have the ''Universal Man'' we have a common bonds and a ''shared humanity''. 

 The people who work within the state bureaucracy must sign up to these beliefs because they're the bedrock of British society. Political Correctness is just a self-righting mechanism because the assumption was that only the majority population, and ignorant members of that population at that, would ever be so moronic as to question the sacred tenets of modern British life. 

 You can moan that there are too many cars on the road, or that the NHS is over stretched, but do not get to question the Universal Man. 

 The problem begins when state bureaucrats are exposed to the realities of life lived under this system as opposed to the sacred tenets of multiculturalism and universalism. It's one thing to work in a council office in rural Somerset where these ideals are never put to the test, it's quite different, when the rubber hits the road in a place like Bradford, when theories which seemed fine in the conference rooms of the Tavistock Institute or the Roundtree Foundation actually get put into practice at the end of your street.

  The state official is being exposed to realities which simply should not be possible. The paradoxes become too great and the realities too harsh. But to admit that it's description of man was not true would be like the Soviet commissar explaining why in the workers paradise people line up for hours to get bread. Or why they have walls to keep people in!

 The state official is then left with a choice, explain, meekly, to the elites that the society is based on incorrect principles and the ideology is a shambles, or they can lie, lie to themselves, lie to their bosses, lie to public. 

 And so having built and entire moral order and society on lies, yet more lies are needed to cover up the founding lies.

 When you build a house on rotten foundations it doesn't always collapse, but the owner will find themselves in a perpetual cycle of adding new beams and tearing down walls and building other walls and fixing leaks and buying new glass.

 In the same way, who then is responsible for these sexual abuse scandals? is it that we have mass immigration? is it the Labour Party? is it the politically correct cops and council workers? It's all of it and more. The edifice is a monument of lies, the whole system is built on a false idea of what people actually are and how they interact with each other.

 The problem is systemic.

 You can have another inquiry, you can, if you're lucky, get another cop to fess up and if you're very lucky somebody might even be fired. But this is just replacing another beam, bashing a few more nails into rotten floorboards. 

Britain is a country where lying was once frowned upon, lying was associated with deceit and low cunning. Yet today lies aren't glitches in the functioning of the state machine, but the oil and grease which keep it ticking along. 

 The organs of the British state and mediaplex can swim in lies because they've rationalised the lies, the lies are for the greater good in their framing. If liberal, multicultural Britain is inherently good then anything which undermines it is inherently evil. 

 The flaws in the system, from it's founding ethic to the brainwashed feminist on the front desk, may well be legion, but to admit that would also be to admit that the people they're designated as evil were actually correct, thereby throwing the moral framing into chaos.

 And so the lies continue.

But it comes at a cost, and that cost is basic human empathy. In the end a system built on warm feelings and tolerance and gentle sounding buzzwords has had to shed itself of all signs of human decency.

 Was it always meant to be this way? possibly but I'm reminded of the old metaphysical mind-bender The Ship Of Theseus. The riddle goes something like this, an ancient warship is kept as a museum piece and overtime begins to rot. The curators then begin to replace the rotten planks and sails with new ones, as the years pass every last nail and component of the ship has been replaced, the question is, is it the same ship?

 The question I put to the organs and beaurocrats of the British state is, are you still what you think you are? or have you become something else entirely? 

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