Friday, 10 January 2020

Morgoth's Review Five Year Round up & New E-Book

It passed without notice but Christmas marked the fifth year of this blog being in operation. Five years since I wearied of having my biting and insightful commentary purged from more moderate comments sections and deciding to create my own platform. To be honest I'm amazed the blog wasn't banned as well and there's been no shortage of disputes over what should or should be permitted here, both in main articles and below in the comments. However, five years on and we're still here.

 The last year has seen me shift away from writing and into video making and that has resulted in me being absent from the blog for long periods of time. In truth the only reason the comments section has remained open is because Jim has been doing a sterling job watching that the anger and frustration we all feel doesn't cross over into dangerous territory. 

 Five years ago my entire focus was on blog posts and the highly active comments section. Today my content is stretched across 4 platforms, YouTube, Twitter, Bitchute and the blog. This has meant that blog traffic has dwindled as has activity in the comments section. 

However, I do not view this as bad thing because my reach has increased exponentially elsewhere and the blog's primary function now is to act as a central hub for all my work. I see no reason to change the current set-up and, for those wondering down below, neither do I see any reason to close the comments, providing that ''Fed-Posting'' and deliberately inflammatory language is kept strictly off the board.

 Over the Christmas holidays I was contacted by very friendly gentleman who's been following the blog for years and, it turns out, he's gone to the trouble of turning my earlier blog-posts into an E-Book which is free to download. I'm enormously grateful and happy about this. My earlier posts were short and very heavy on the JQ and not particularly well done, I view this as my ''Rough and Raw'' stage. 

 I'll shall link to his blog because he gives some details on what to read the book on and technical issues in general. Find ''Morgoth's Review volume 1'' HERE

With that I'd like to thank those that have been with me from the start, which mainly is you lads down in the comments. 

 Here's looking to another five years charting the decline of the western world or, who knows, perhaps the change we all long for.....

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