Tuesday, 24 March 2020


In an attempt to escape the coronavirus panic I take a deep dive into one of my all time favourite works of Sci-Fi...

Partial Transcript

''Imagine how Dune must have seemed back in 1965 America, everything was progressing, technology was booming, there was new more progressive mindset among the young. The cold war was in full swing but even that had become a competition over resources and technology, the question was which ideology could win out. Either way humanity was on the path to one technological utopia or another.

 Star Trek reflected that, as did the liberal humanism of Issak Asimov's sci-fi. The past was a place of superstitions and primitive technology, the future would be a place of high technology and rationalism and equality. The path of history went in one direction, and it was progressive. 

 Dune turns that on its head, the future belongs to scheming courts and Emperor's, to prophets who kill their enemies with a knife.To prophecies and religious awakenings and holy wars. 

 The age of AI and robots nearly wiped humanity out but eventually gave way to the age of aristocrats which then in turn gave birth to a new spiritualism and religious fanaticism. And here I think we can see the appeal that Dune has to so many people on the right, it isn't tradition reasserting itself, but a primal form of meaning and identity, and in Frank Herbert's Dune, you get it warts and all.....''

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