Wednesday, 11 March 2020

On The Chopping Block

Logging in to the business end of my YouTube channel this morning I noticed that every video I have ever made has been demonetised. I couldn't help but note the irony as the reason I logged into the channel in the first place was to upload a video on the movie 'Watchmen' and focusing on the idea of a great myth or secret that the establishment doesn't want you share, discuss or know about.

A week ago I once again featured in Hope Not Hate's absurd ''State of Hate'' report and no doubt my role in spreading 'Hate' was sent to YouTube who've now begun the process of punishing me for being too good at expressing opinions somebody somewhere doesn't like.

I've spent many a weary hour bashing heads with people, both here and elsewhere, on the subject of free speech and usually it's my latent contempt for the idea as an principle which annoys the more liberal minded. As I've stated so many times before, the reason I view fetishistic attitudes toward free speech with a roll of the eyes is because in my view there will always be an elite, that elite will always have an agenda and if somebody threatens that agenda they will be silenced or persecuted.

 That is to say, the strong will dominate the weak, Hope Not Hate and YouTube are the strong, I'm the weak, it therefore comes as no surprise to me that they do what they can to make my life more difficult.

 But what I despise with every sinew in my body is the great fraud of pretending they have a higher set of values, that it isn't just about power but some vague liberal principle or a buzzword nobody quite understands. 

 Censor me if you wish, just don't wrap yourself up in the garb of liberalism while you do it. Many years ago I witnessed a lad having his teeth kicked out by a bigger lad who didn't like his cheek, amazingly the burly bigger lad apologized for what he was about to do before he did it. The act itself is natural, the faux justification an insult. 

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