Saturday, 25 April 2020

Kakapo Patriotism

I've decided to weigh in on some of the recent drama between British Nationalists and the Centrist Civ-Nat crowd.

I'd also highly recommend this video by Ralph of ''Right Reaction'' for some background and, I have to say, a complete dismantling of the liberal centrism which has been such scourge on England for so long.

Thursday, 16 April 2020

The Tyranny of Britain's PR Mind-Benders

About a year ago I made a video on how the British public are manipulated and have their opinions formed by PR companies and Ad agencies, at the behest of the government. The public's response to outrages such as the Manchester Arena bombing would be funneled into a certain direction, anger, calls for revenge and harder political solutions would be drowned out by a pre-packaged narrative based on unity and togetherness. 

Monday, 6 April 2020

Choose Your Police State

A few months ago Academic Agent said in a response video to me that I wasn't at heart actually a fascist or a Nazi, that ideally I'd be happy to be left alone to wander about Northumberland and going fishing with my dog. That, I didn't want to see armies marching down the street and banners flying, that, when it came down it, I was a typical Englishman.

Wednesday, 1 April 2020

The Tower Of Babel Is Reconstructed

By Adtilda

The internet. The traditional media. The personality as career. The expedient truth. The rhetoric, and reputation validating opinion. The transformations of common knowledge as scientific development tosses and turns like a fevered patient. Morgoth decided he didn't know what to believe about the Coronavirus, because there are too many conflicting realities that we should know about it. A wise choice when compared to the vitriol of those who know the truth