Sunday, 31 May 2020

America Burns And Anti-Fa Takes The Fall

It started out simple enough, cops kill a black guy who may or may not have been resisting arrest and who may or may not have been a scumbag we secretly think deserved it. Combine that with the warm weather starting to wash over the northern hemisphere and you have the perfect set of circumstances for a good ole fashioned chimp-out. 

 That's how it used to be, before the age of 4-D Chess hot takes and a multitude of narratives competing for clicks and likes and retweets.

Is looting and incinerating Globo-Corp's sports section a political act on behalf of America's ''Urban Youth''? not really but it'd be great if we had some new segregation laws because we simply can't live with these people.

That's how the discourse could have went, but ever the system's stooges the lily white, scrawny legions of Anti-Fa have inserted themselves into the ashes of the American dream and demanded everybody's attention. Like that old clip of the 60's counter culture when the guy demanded they all throw themselves into the gears of the system, break the cogs with their flesh and bones, Anti-Fa has valiantly thrown themselves into the meat-grinder of public opinion to prevent ''Black Bodies'' being allowed agency.

The sigh of relief coming from America's well-heeled Conservative influence network was almost audible:

 ''Phew, thank fuck for that, I thought we were going to have to ask some fundamental questions about multi-racialism for a second there''

Conveniently shielded from the inevitable results of their own liberalism Conservative Inc are now getting to work airbrushing the African genome out of the tumult entirely, unless it's Black Lives Matter who're now a respectable organization addressing serious issues, apparently. 

 Prominent Twitter personality Mike Cernovich claims it isn't even just Anti-Fa anymore, it's worse, much worse, it's ''White ISIS'':

Cernovich's bullshit comes in thick and heavy but the take away is this:

 ''The blacks Dindu Nuffin blame white ideologues!''

Yet the fact remains America's major cities are becoming war-zones that resemble Somalia, Africa is asserting itself and deep down everybody knows it. From the liberal Jewish mayors to the Twitter opinion formers and to the soon to be thrown under the bus Anti-Fa weirdos, the destruction wrought by the African genome cannot be concealed no matter how hard they try. 

Fundamentally Conservative Inc and Anti-Fa are both nothing more than two different tentacles emanating from the same beast, if Anti-Fa didn't exist Conservative Inc would have to invent them because otherwise they couldn't address the true nature of the flaws in America through anything other than a racial lens. And so the lies continue, the cities burn and the hot-takes get ever more absurd...

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