Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Tommy Leads The Lads Once More Into...What?

Like most normal white men I've spent the last week swinging between pessimism and fury at the repulsive ''Black Lives Matter'' and Globo-Homo left tearing up England. The worst of it all is the feeling that there isn't a single mainstream figure saying anything approaching what needs to be said, and as I titled a recent video, the feeling that we're in ''Free Fall''.

 And so on some level I can absolutely understand the boys who want to join Tommy Robinson's new caper in London at the weekend but at the same time I can't help but feel that:

1. They're walking into a trap.

2. We'll be worse off because of it.

Let me explain both points. As it stands now we see the British police actively bending down on their knees in a quasi-religious act of self abasement to black people and, implicitly, far left social justice dogma. Within this paradigm the white men heading down to protect Churchill's statue are the enemy even before a single punch has been thrown or a bottle launched. Furthermore we've seen already that the British system will actually stand down in the face of statues being destroyed, as was the case this week in Bristol.

 Middle England is increasingly appalled and terrified at their nation being trashed in this manner, but more importantly, they're also beginning, finally, to feel that pang of impotence and powerlessness that people in tune with reactionary politics are so used to. 

 Their focus is squarely on the mobs, the blacks and the cowardly and cretinous behaviour of the establishment. Many will want to see action and it's the state who, in the end, is responsible. The problem is the state obviously doesn't want to act which raises yet more questions for Nige and Barry to ponder over at the golf club.

 The arrival into the mix of ''football firms'' changes the whole dynamic. The police and the state re-enter the arena as referees and arbiters, they become legitimate again. 

Of course in reality that means a knuckle duster for the lads and woolly mittens for the reds and BLM ,but that's par for the course. 

 The best case scenario on the weekend, then, is a peaceful defence and protest, the statues remain standing and the opposing forces kept away from each other. By midday everyone goes home and that's that. However, we're still left with the problem that the police are ideologically onside with people who want to destroy the history of the nation.  

 In this scenario the result of the day of action is a return to the status quo, when ideally what we want is for Middle England to become so ''red-pilled'' that they begin demanding radical action, or become psychologically prepared for it.

  Needless to say the worst case scenario is a bloodbath with the ''Far Right'' shouldering the blame for ''stirring up racial tensions'' while being fired from their jobs, jailed and seeing extra laws brought down on patriots.

 It's often said that no matter how bad things get the native Brits never actually take to the streets and protest, but looking back over the last ten years this simply isn't true, in fact all patriotic and nationalist groups have really done is take to the streets, and we are no further forward because of it.

 Funny that, isn't it...

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