Thursday, 9 July 2020

ScotKong & Centrist Copes

It goes without saying that I've long had nothing but contempt for what passes for the centre-right in Britain but their incoherent response to Tory plans to flood 3 Million (!) ethnically Chinese people into Britain has to be a new.

Further to my video is the laughable scene of the ChiComs asking whether or not the British public will be asked if we want to take them. That is to say, the Chinese are aware that the British government are hypocrites who don't actually believe in their liberal talking points.

 This I believe opens up the question of how the west looks from the outside. What does somebody in China think of BLM and the tearing down of our statues and history with the tacit approval of the elites? What about terrorism or the simple fact that mass immigration happens at all, the Trans lobby and the gagging of dissent.

 In fact, it wouldn't be difficult for the Chinese state propaganda to convince Hong Kongers to simply stay put.

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