Thursday, 6 August 2020

Lithium Water Makes You Happy

One of the developments I've most enjoyed seeing recently in rightist circles is the formation of structural critiques of almost every facet of how we live in post-modernity. Why does every earnest statement have to be front-loaded with a giant dollop of irony? why haven't I heard a decent new pop song for 20 years? why do all movies amount to CGI monsters finding a space crystal to set off a giant laser beam?

 And most importantly, why are so many people killing themselves?

The interesting leftist philosopher, Mark Fisher, now also dead through suicide, held the idea that Neo-Liberal capitalism had become so entrenched in our cultural psyche that we couldn't even comprehend an alternative, in the same way a medieval European peasant couldn't comprehend a world without God.  

God gave them meaning, we have soft reboots of Marvel Superheroes. 

I recently figured out why I despise Ed Sheeran so much, it isn't just that he's bland and unoriginal, but that he's performing as an authentic artist rather than actually being one. He's a replica of a young lad with a guitar singing syrupy ballads, he's not the real deal. 

The Sheeran issue explains why irony is so pervasive, the shitness of everything has to be acknowledged and addressed before the cultural form can be actually consumed, and consumption is the operative word here.

 This soft coating of falseness lays across the psyche as well as the culture, it infests the mind and body but is very hard to describe and understand, it's more that life just feels sort of off kilter or unreal. In my opinion this situation and the inability of people to get to grips with it are the reason for the soaring suicide rates, especially in young people. At least death is real!

 The problem however is that to fix the issue would need profound and systemic analysis and critique and that's a lot of trouble, and besides, why would anyone in a position of power even want to?  

 And so superficially we live in a hyper rich, big comfort society, but in actuality the population are going mad for reasons they can't explain and increasingly deciding to opt out via death. 

 Not for much longer, however, discussion is now underway at Kings College in London to dump lithium into the water supply to lower suicide rates. 

If only Mark Fisher had been drinking his morning tea with extra doses of lithium happy juice in the water supply he might never have even complained about the levels of control and commodification in Britain, he'd have written happy books and maybe strummed a guitar.

Maybe one day in the future I'll drink a few pints of water before heading off to ball my eyes out at an Ed Sheeran gig because lithium takes the synthetic feeling out of cultural silage and makes it authentic again. 

 Realistically there are no limits, the worse life gets the more the dose of happy juice in the water supply can be increased. One possible future scenario I can envisage is Chinese soldiers stepping onto the British shoreline and moving inland. The lights having long since gone out, what they discover among the ruins is a few survivors watching Avengers Part 65 while eating the rotting flesh of the dead, and giggling:

 ''Yeah I know it's crap, but you've gotta watch something innit''

Whatever the future holds, implicit in the thinking of setting the population to ''auto-doped'' is a realization that the current paradigm cannot even be questioned, you are the problem, not the system, not the culture, not the economic model. 

 In any other system of control death is the ultimate escape, indeed, for Heidegger death was the one constant in life, the one event that you could be sure was authentic. The world may no longer have meaning but death was inevitable, it can not be deconstructed or cheated.

Until now....

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