Sunday, 23 August 2020

The BBC's Black Lives Prom Night


The BBC's neutering of British patriotism via drenching Last Night Of The Proms in whatever social justice trends are in the news-cycle are becoming as much of an annual event as the Proms itself. As I commented last year in a video, the problem for the Proms is that it finds itself as a bastion of British Patriotism surrounded on all sides, and in the clutches of, the international liberal merchant class who despise everything it stands for.

In 2019 the gay rainbow flag was hoisted triumphantly by a lesbian or trans activist or something, this year it's black lives matter and that means the plight of blacks has to be stamped into cultural psyche of patriotic, flag waving Brits, 

 The songs which have now been deemed ''problematic'' are Rule Britannia and Land of Hope and Glory, and the line ''Britons, Never, Never, Never Shall be Slaves''. Whether or not the Britons have become slaves we can leave for another day, the issue here is that in Briton's past we were determined not to become slaves, but we did enslave others.

That is to say, British patriotism is inherently supremacist, and its colour is white. Within the minds of the gentle, middle and working class white population these uncomfortable truths were conveniently shelved and played down for years. British Nationalism and Patriotism slipped into the mode of a retired hardman who spends his days tending his lawn and who didn't like being reminded of his past. 

Today we're incessantly demanded to acknowledge and celebrate the fact that ''British Values'' are 'tolerance' or 'freedom' or 'mutual respect' and various other slogans and soundbites peddled by PR companies and think tanks. In reality British history consists of conquering India and making Queen Victoria ''Empress of India'' which hardly screams out the multicultural messaging which overwhelms discourse today.

The implication of ''Britannia Rules the Waves'' is that somebody else didn't rule the waves, or anything else for that matter, and ended up becoming slaves, not the British. As a nationalistic celebration this makes perfect sense, we prevailed, others didn't. Needless to say this is diametrically opposed to the moral codes of liberalism today and so an institution such as the BBC has a problem: British values aren't very British.
The schism comes down to whether British people should apologize and grovel for a history of master morality or not, as I stated before, my view is ''not'. For an institution such as the BBC this requires a tortuous process of trying to repackage traditional patriotism for the dominant slave morality of 2020, and more, sell it as traditional patriotism and hope nobody cares too much, or even notices.

At root the centres of cultural influence in Britain are riffing on a popular internet meme featuring two dogs, one representing master morality, strength and vigour, the other weakness and self loathing. Their task is to transition the remnants of British Patriotism from one to other while trying to convince the public nothing has changed because we've always been the weak dog anyway. 

These ludicrous schemes have become so incoherent and stupid that the BBC and other liberal centres of power have simply stopped trying to dress it up with lipstick and increasingly resort to a ''Fuck it, just force feed them the narrative'' approach, which ironically, is itself a trait of domination and power.

 If the BBC truly wanted to live up to its own values it would begin by abolishing itself. 

 Think for a moment of Sue and Clive driving to the Proms, what they want is an affirmation of their identity as British patriots, what they get is gays, lesbians and black lives matter performing patriotism on their behalf and presenting it as the ideal form of patriotism which, for white Brits, is self negation and loathing.

 The justly despised ''liberal elites'' are selling 'anti-patriotism' as patriotism, the annual setting and drama of Last Night of the Proms is simply the fault-line in the cultural narrative where the two tectonic plates of 21st British identity crash into each other.


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