Tuesday, 3 November 2020

The Deep Breath Before The Plunge


Looking back on the Trump years and mulling over what tricks are at play now among the American deep state and bureaucracy.

As I touched on in the video, it's unfortunate to look back and think about all the arguments and drama that played out in the comments section of the blog during the last American election cycle. Indeed, the blog is old enough now to warrant a special nostalgia post, however, here it's worth remembering that neither the pro-Trump or anti-Trump side of the argument were entirely correct. We're not engaged in more wars for Zion, as was predicted by the anti's, but neither are white Americans in a better situation than in 2015.

 But what I would argue is that we're more keenly aware of how the America power system functions in a way we weren't in 2015/16. In a weird way Trump may not have actually ''drained the swamp'' but he sure as hell has exposed it...

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