Thursday, 29 April 2021

MorgCast#4: An Internet of Bodies And Things


In my new episode of the MorgCast I discuss the World Economic Forum's ''Internet of Things'' agenda and in particular the part called ''The Internet of Bodies'' which is one of the most sinister sounding Globalist soundbites I've ever heard....

Wednesday, 14 April 2021

The Nostalgia Of Futures Past


My working script, won't be correcting grammar

Part 1

There's a man down the street from me who always seems to be fiddling with something or other in his garage, a middle aged tinkerer who spends his time fixing washing machines or bikes or recently, rabbit hutches. And as he tinkers and fiddles about in his garage he always has a radio playing and it's always set on Absolute 80's by the sound of it, or one of the other radio stations that are popping up now that only play songs from certain decades, or find other ways to play old music like ''Classic Rock''.

Each time I walk past I get a good earful for the Eurythmics or OMD or Ultravox. The other day it was ''Is This Love'' by Alison Moyet, now, I'm not that old but as soon as I heard the catchy synth and the bit where Alison Moyet seems to sing in a weird downspiral sort of way instantly transported me back to another age, which I vaguely, very vaguely remember. It's like having a potent little time capsule explode in your face. 

Tuesday, 6 April 2021

The MorgCast#3: Escaping The Grid With The Woodlander


In the third installment of The MorgCast I enjoy a pleasant conversation with an English chap who, quite literally, went off and built a cabin in the woods. Is going ''off grid'' and removing ourselves entirely from Globohomo feasible? can the technology which so terrifies us when we hear of terms such as ''The Great Reset'' actually be used to assist us in our struggle to lives among our own kind and in relative peace and tranquility?