Tuesday, 4 May 2021

All Good Things...


Gentlemen, I've decided to scrap the blog comments section after, literally, years of dithering and soul-searching. The fact is it isn't 2014 anymore and the screws of the system are now turning so tight that the comments section of this blog is a ticking time-bomb.

 We now live in an age where many of the opinions expressed with such wild abandon in the comments here over the years are considered by the system to be beyond the pale, and conveniently, the state have invented a special anti-terror police squad who seem to have impunity, see the recent episode of Laura Towler and her husband.

In the early days of the blog my main concern was that some of the edgier comments would result in the entire blog being taken down, and when I had to try and keep popular commentors in line, sometimes leading to bans, it led to no end of strife and drama. Yet despite it all I, with Jim's assistance, kept the good ship Morgoth's Review afloat. 

Last week we announced that we'd reboot disqus and have a fresh start, yet one week later the comments that have been posted since are simply the same as usual, the same slurs, the same Hitler obsession and so on, as if the issue had simply disappeared. 

Despite that it does wound me to say goodbye to the forum because my original intent was to create a ''safe-space'' for heretical views after many of us were frequently banned from the mainstream news outlets back in the day, I get it, and it's for that reason I dithered so long. Yet at the same time I'm keenly aware of the noose being placed around our necks. 

I'm writing this post because I don't want the little community here to be dispersed across the internet and to give you lads time to organize a new home. 

And luckily you won't have to wait for very long because Theberton has created that new home for you right here:


The torch is now finally being passed on from old M-Rev. 

There has of course been some wonderful people and endless amounts of insight in the comments over the years and for that I am truly grateful, more so now that the community will live on without me stressing out about whatever's posted, hell I might even come over to shit-post with the boys from time to time.

Special thanks to Jim for being a solid pair of hands here for so long.

Thanks lads, and I'll be seeing you. 

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