Sunday, 19 December 2021

The Social Kafka System


Regular followers of my online content would be forgiven for thinking that I've dropped off the end of the earth in recent weeks or decided to simply sit-out the last days of what used to pass for freedom in the west. In actual fact it's worse than that, I've been through the grueling process of moving home in the middle of winter with the ever present shadow of more government lockdowns hampering my plans.

 I have no problem with the actual moving, the lifting, the graft, but what strikes fear into the very core of my soul is the prospect of negotiating the faceless and increasingly automated utilities services and bureaucracies which modern life depends on. The reason I'm writing this rather than ranting it into a microphone is because my internet speed is so cripplingly slow that I'd be waiting for an entire day for a video to upload, nobody would hear me scream in cyberspace.